Saturday, May 14, 2011

Parshat Behar--more info re shmittah restrictions

I can’t find the article about shmittah that I was reading yesterday—that’s what I get for not saving the link—but this should give you the general idea:

"Kedushas Shevi’is
Fruits, vegetables, grains, herbs, etc. that grow during the Shmita year have a special kedusha [holiness] inherent in them and therefore have restrictions placed on them even in cases where one acquires them in a permissible way. Produce cannot be wasted or used in a manner not typical of the item. . . . . In terms of typical use, for example, cucumbers which are customarily eaten raw cannot be cooked. . . ."

The article that I was reading yesterday specified that plants that are usually eaten cooked must be cooked, and plants usually eaten raw must be eaten raw. An example given was that one may not add orange sections when cooking meat because, while the orange sections may improve the taste of the meat, the cooking process degrades the oranges, which is a violation of their Kedushat Shevi-it [seventh-year sanctity]. What, you mean that, if I lived in Israel, I wouldn’t be able to cook with fruit for an entire year?!


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